Another U.S. Gov’t Site With Useful Cybercrime and Fraud Information

I just ran across another U.S. government sponsored site, Looks Too Good To Be True, with some information that could be useful for information assurance professionals, particularly small- to medium-sized businesses, in addition to the general public.  From a business practitioner perspective this site isn’t quite as useful as some of the other government sites I’ve mentioned, however, you can always find useful nuggets.  For example, this site has:

*  There are some awareness quizzes that businesses could either point their users to, or use to give them ideas for their own quiz questions.  The threat thermometer is cute; I don’t agree with some of the "temperatures" resulting from some of the answers the quiz taker gives, but it does provide a nice visual form of feedback.
*  The victim stories that web visitors have supposedly submitted are interesting; I didn’t realize there was so much activity going on with Internet-order bride schemes!
*  The consumer alert section is pretty good for your general computer user.  When you are implementing your awareness programs, it is good to go beyond the scope of just your own business security issues and communicate to your personnel the issues they need to know about for their own personal use.  Pointing them to these types of stories helps to keep information security issues at the forefront of their thoughts.

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