2 Years Following Major Privacy Breach, Bahamas Puts Up Data Protection Web Site

A couple of years ago I finally took my family on a vacation to the Bahamas after not going on any type of vacation for several years. Five months later I learned…from my friends and not from the hotel…that a major breach occurred at the hotel; the credit card files for tens of thousands of their customers had been compromised.
I never did get a notification of the breach from the hotel. However, I did confirm through the Bahamas government, and subsequent widely published reports, that the breach did indeed occur.

So, I was very interested to find that on December 10 the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner of the Bahamas officially launched an “Office of the Data Protection Commissioner” site.
Bahamas Finance Minister Zhivargo Laing said in a speech announcing the site that the Bahamian Data Protection Act 2003 became effective April 2, 2007, and that the purpose of the new data protection Web site is to inform the public of privacy and data protection developments, receive complaints, and give information on related topics such as identity theft.
The site includes links to the text of the Data Protection Act and best practices guidance for organizations handling personal infoormation.
I’m still leary of ever going back to that hotel…

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