UK Company Caught Selling Their Employees’ & Job Applicants’ PII

Here’s an interesting shocking story about some bad…make that VERY BAD…business decisions in the UK to make money by selling employees’, and job applicants’, personally identifiable information (PII) as a revenue stream…

Firm ‘sold workers’ secret data’
As indicated within the article regarding how much The Consulting Association in Droitwich, Worcs, was allegedly getting paid for the PII…

“Employers paid £3,000 as an annual fee, and £2.20 for individual details, the ICO said. Invoices to construction firms for up to £7,500 were also seized during the raid.”

The company allegedly had the PII of 3,213 individuals that they were selling.
An obvious breach of the UK’s Data Protection Act, as indicated by the UK Information Commissioner’s office.
No fine or action has yet been publicized, and possibly not yet determined.
The 40+ companies who actually paid for the PII may also face charges.

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