Thank Goodness For Backup Planning!

We had some horrendous storms here in Iowa this week. Last night was a doozy! The lightning unrelenting, the winds horrific, and tornado spottings were peppered across the southern half of Iowa.

Today it is still raining and cloudy, but no violent weather. And also no Internet access for me! My rooftop wireless Internet dish in in-tact, but it turns out there was some damage to one of the wireless transmission towers somewhere in the area.
Thank goodness for my good old dial-up account! 🙂
I blogged about this a few months ago, but I’m just so happy to have my backup access I want to talk about it again! Since I am a company of one, being online and connected with my clients is vital to my business.
Is your business prepared for ISP outages? For electricity outages? For water outages?
Be prepared. Check your business continuity plans to make sure you can continue doing business even when your communications and utilities providers go dark.

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