Privacy, Compliance and International Data Flows

Yesterday I posted a new paper to my site, "Privacy, Compliance and International Data Flows."

In today’s technology and business environment, computers are more mobile and more powerful than ever before. Information is shared more easily, more quickly, and in more ways than previously possible.  One voice-activated command can send a message or document to many different locations throughout the world in milliseconds.  Huge amounts of data can be downloaded onto small mobile computing and storage devices more easily than ever before…and we’ve seen by the ongoing incidents how these mobile devices put data at great risk.

This advanced technology revolution certainly has improved business efficiency and expediency. However, it has also created potential threats to the privacy of personal information and violations of new and emerging data protection laws. In this article I discuss privacy, related laws around the world, compliance and international data flow issues, what organizations need to think about with regard to international data protection, and what they need to do to address the wide range of issues.

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