New Information Technology Crime Law in Saudi Arabia

Here’s an interesting new law in Saudi Arabia…

New Law to Combat Information Technology Crimes

Persons found guilty of running websites in support of terrorist organizations will be jailed for 10 years and fined SR5 million, according to a new law that has been passed by the Cabinet to combat information technology crimes.
The law, which has 16 articles, also states that persons who illegally take others’ money or obtain bank and credit data will be jailed for three years and fined SR2 million. Persons who attack others’ private life using mobile phone cameras and the like and try to defame them will be sentenced to one year and SR500,000.
Those who use information technology to spread and market pornography face up to five years in jail and a SR3 million fine. Those who produce and distribute IT material that violate public law, religious values and public etiquette will also receive the same punishment.”

Another law to know about and add to your files

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