Accomplishments at Principal Financial Group                                                         
Prior to joining Netigy, Rebecca was Senior Systems Security Consultant at Principal Financial Group (PFG).
Rebecca began her career at PFG as a CICS systems analyst, and moved into an IT auditor position. It was at the
recommendation of one of her audits that the Information Protection department was created, and she was asked to
help build the department and functions. Her efforts helped PFG to be awarded the CSI Outstanding Information
Security Program of the Year award in 1998. While at PFG Rebecca:
  • Developed the corporate anti-virus strategy including a risk identification and mitigation process.
  • Participated in new systems and application development projects to identify information security risks, then recommended and oversaw the implementation of
    controls to address the identified risks.
  • Developed the corporate strategy to identify and control the use of modems.
  • Created the Internet access strategy and the accompanying procedures for establishing and updating the Internet firewall settings.
  • Developed a quarterly and yearly report analyzing and evaluating the state of information security within the organization. Distributed the report to appropriate
    managers and executives.
  • Developed the strategy for non-employee access and risk reduction.
  • Developed and established e-commerce security requirements to reduce risks in web applications.
  • Created the information protection awareness and training strategy, framework and program aligned to business objectives. Rebecca included training and
    awareness activities covering applicable laws and regulations.
  • Met regularly with corporate leaders and management to explain information security objectives and obtain their support and commitment for information
    security activities, technologies and policies.
  • Created the organization’s corporate-wide information security and privacy policies and created the roll-out strategy and plan to ensure all managers were
    aware of their responsibilities and that personnel knew, understood and followed the privacy policies and procedures.
  • Created the corporate strategy for protecting customer information that included creating and leading a corporate group of business unit leaders to discuss
    the business goals and objectives for handling customer information in a secure manner that also allowed business objectives to be achieved.
  • Performed an analysis of non-employee access to the corporate network and created a non-employee access strategy and policies to support the information
    security program while allowing necessary connections from business partners to securely be established.
  • Prior to working for PFG, Rebecca taught secondary school math and computer education in Missouri.
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