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Security and Privacy Holiday Tips 2014
Here are information security and privacy holiday tips that will help you and your information remain safe.

Privacy Forecast for 2012
Look into my and other privacy experts' crystal ball for a forecast on 2012's privacy issues.

Privacy Forecast for 2011
This report from the IAPP contains forecasts from respected privacy advisors on what they think we can expect in the realm of data privacy.  My
contribution on pages 4 and 5 discusses Smart Grid technology.

Meeting the Privacy Challenges in Business (Part 1 of 2)
At the end of the first decade of the 21st Century concerns about protecting private information are continually increasing.  This white paper that I
authored for SAI Global highlights the current privacy landscape.

Converging Security and Privacy Activities During Business Continuity
Don't let unauthorized or unintended exposure of confidential company or customer information compound the consequences of an interruption
to your business.

PIAs Provide Privacy Purview
Are you sure that you've identified all of your organization's significant privacy concerns? Performing periodic privacy impact assessments (PIAs) will
help highlight major privacy risks.  PIAs are as essential to a privacy program as a risk assessment is to an information security program.

SmartGrid Privacy Concerns: October Draft
This is an update to the September paper; it lists five additional privacy concerns for the Smart Grid (up from 10 in September). I invite your comments
on the privacy concerns identified in the article.

SmartGrid Privacy Concerns: September Draft
This is an excerpt from my contribution to the September SmartGrid draft.  You can use the older drafts to trace the development of
the document.

Privacy Perplexities
Three situations that are often not considered when creating privacy breach response plans, but must be addressed because the
occur more often than you think!

Unified Compliance = 5 Steps + C^3
How organizations can implement a unified approach to information security and privacy compliance.

What Is the Difference between Privacy and Security?  
This article covers the relationship between privacy and security and the essential relationship of privacy and
security programs.

Privacy Officer
This article provides trends in the new Chief Privacy Officer position.

Are You Privacy Savvy?
This article contains a brief privacy self-assessment and advice on creating an organizational privacy plan.

Employee Online Privacy
What should you do if you find an unflattering photo of one of your employees on the Internet?  Should you fire him or her?
I discuss this issue and others regarding the use and  trustworthiness of online information about organizations and their employees.

Is There Privacy Beyond Death?
Do you have the right to privacy after you die?  Should your loved-ones have access to your personal information?
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