What A Nice Surprise: I’m On the IT Security List of Top 59 IT Security Influencers!

It was quite a wonderful surprise to read an email message this morning from IT Security telling me I was put on their list of top 59 IT security influencers for 2007.

“13. Rebecca Herold
Rebecca Herold has over 16 years of experience as an information security professional. Rebecca created the Information Protection program at Principal Financial Group where she worked for 12 years. She now writes for Realtimepublishers.com. On her blog, she writes about identity theft, information security, and the government’s role in business computing.”

I’m very honored. I never expected to receive any such recognition for something I love doing so much. And this is such a prestigious group to be associated with; I am truly honored to be listed along with such luminaries! I always hope that folks are able to use the information I provide, so I am glad to hear that it is helpful, for at least some. I hope I can continue to provide information and thoughts readers find useful. Thanks to all of you who sent me messages and participate here on the blog! 🙂
I do want to make a clarification to the information they provided; I was part of the team that created the Information Protection function while I was at Principal Financial Group, I did not do it alone. Many good folks were involved with that initiative, with Cheryl Aldeman leading the entire Risk Controls & Management department that included Information Protection along with the Risk Management (insurance) group, and the Physical Security group. That was way back before ISO 17799 was out. One of my many tasks then was creating the corporation’s first information security policies, so it was nice when ISO 17799 was released to see that I had hit most of the same areas.
Funny, I never thought of myself as a “blogger”…but, yes, this is a blog, isn’t it? 🙂 Just one of the many hats I, and I expect the rest of the folks on the list, wear.

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