U.S. DoD Workers Give Military Secrets To China

Here are two more insider threat incident examples to put into your files and use within your information security and privacy training curriculum and awareness communications:

Feds: U.S. defense analyst leaked secrets to China

“Investigators on Monday remove contents from a home in New Orleans, Louisiana, as part of the probe.
1 of 2 Court documents unsealed Monday following arrests in two states identify the defense worker as Gregg William Bergersen, 51, of Alexandria, Virginia.
Bergersen is a weapons systems policy analyst at the Defense Department’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency in Arlington, Virginia. He is charged with conspiracy to disclose national defense information illegally to unauthorized individuals.
In an unrelated espionage case, federal authorities in California arrested a former Boeing Co. engineer and charged him with working as an unregistered agent and stealing trade secrets for the Chinese government.”

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