TJX Breach Sentence: Man Gets 5 Years in Prison and Must Pay $600,000 Restitution; Is It Enough?

On September 13, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum announced Irving Escobar, the alleged leader of a Florida fraud ring that used stolen credit card information linked to the TJX, data breach was sentenced to five years in prison and must pay nearly $600,000 in restitution.

It is good to see a significant penalty…finally…for a cybercrime such as this; but is it enough to dissuade other cybercriminals?
Considering cybercriminals will probably be able to make millions off of such stolen information, and that the actual time in jail will likely be much less based upon “good behavior”…likely not.
Cybercriminals need painful penalties (much more significant than this), and organizations need to be held responsible for not putting proper security measures in place.

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