The World’s Largest (and BEST!) Cyber Defense Competition for Teens…In Ames Iowa!

Last month Iowa State University, in Ames, held a unique type of IT Olympics for teens…

cyberDefense Competition preps students for real-world information assurance
Thirty-seven teams of Iowa high school students protected their computer networks in the world’s largest cyber defense competition, part of the IT-Olympics at Iowa State University.
This truly is an awesome, awesome program! Huge kudos to Dr. Doug Jacobson for creating and continuing to offer year after year a fantastic learning experience to truly get teens excited and interested in information security.
More universities, professional organizations and companies need to support, and even hold, events such as this!! To learn how to do it right, get in touch with Dr. Jacobson!
The more interest, understanding and excitement we can build in children, at even the youngest ages, for privacy and information security, the better our future leaders, in all positions and industries, will be at securing information and reducing privacy breaches; it will just seem logical to them to secure information in all forms!

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