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TV Anchor Confesses To Snooping His Co-Anchor’s 3 Email Accounts For 2 Years!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

A few months ago I blogged about a co-anchor at a television station who was accused of getting into his co-anchor’s email and passing information from the messages along to news outlets.
I was interested to see a CNN report today, “Fired anchor pleads guilty to e-mail snooping” that followed up on this story. Larry Mendte reportedly admitted to accessing Alycia Lane’s emails, in her 3 home and work accounts, over 500 times over a 2-year period!
Okay, why was he able to so easily get into her email accounts…3 OF THEM!…over a period of 2 years?! Wasn’t there any security applied to these email systems?
Some possibilities…


Insider Threat Example: Coworkers Accessing Other Coworkers’ Email Messages

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Back in the mid-1990’s, a middle manager knew that the print queue messages for all the emails in the large organization were viewable in clear text; all you had to know was which printer queue to open. He would lurk in the print queues each day, all day, for all the printers all the other middle managers, and executives, used, and he would copy all the email messages he found that could be “advantageous” to his career. He amazed a lot of people by always seeming to know what was going on before anyone else did.
I was reminded of this particular mole-manager as I just read a news story, “Philly News Anchor Target in FBI Probe: FBI Investigates Anchor in Suspected Hacking of Fired Co-Anchor’s E-mail