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High Tech and Low Tech Continue to Bedevil Info Sec and Privacy Practitioners

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

When looking ahead to what may happen in this new year it is necessary to first look back.  Not only to 2011, but when making plans to move forward even further back to help make the best decisions moving forward.   I do a lot of reading, including many mainstream publications written for the general public.  You can see a lot of trends and problems by reading about how the general public is reporting (or not) about them.   I also like to read the various publications specific to information security, privacy, compliance and technology to see the backstories and guts of the problems.  Looking at all such reports helps to provide a more comprehensive view necessary for making good decisions. (more…)

How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Done An Awareness Activity? Privacy and Security Week Starts April 8

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Awareness activities are an important and necessary component of an effective, layered, information assurance program. Too little time is spent on communicating information security and privacy requirements, threats, vulnerabilities, and other related issues within most organizations. Providing regular traning and ongoing awareness activities to all personnel, along with customized training to targeted groups with unique information security responsibilities, such as call centers, sales and marketing folks, and applications and systems developers, as is also very important.