Spitzer Downfall Spotlights Surveillance In Mainstream

In case you haven’t heard, now ex-New York-governor Elliot Spitzer recently was found to be the frequent customer of a “high end call girl service” for the past couple of years.
How was he caught? Through an electronic path he left making payments for his philandering flings.

This real-life soap opera has brought attention to surveillance activities in general, and to the pervasive surveillance practices of the government.
To see an example of a story that will surely raise concerns for how far not only the government goes in logging activities, but also the businesses with which they do business, read, “They Watched Spitzer and They Watch You. Credit Card or Bank Transaction: Somebody Watches; Think Twice Before You Swipe That Card, Because Everything Is Being Tracked
Is your organization prepared to answer your customers’, and your employees’, questions about the type of tracking and logging it does?

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