Speaking of Social Networking Sites…

Over the weekend I read yet another news article about social networking sites and the related risks. This time it was about how schools are implementing rules to address cyber bullying on the Internet; “Students To Be Punished For MySpace Postings.”

Under the new school rules at Shepherdsville, Kentucky “students can be suspended or expelled, in addition to any criminal proceedings they might face, for messages they post on MySpace.”
I’ve also read about organizations increasingly applying sanctions against their employees for information they, or even others, posted online.
I recently published an article about this, “On The Internet, If It Looks, Quacks and Walks Like a Duck, Is It REALLY a Duck?”
I also blogged about similar issues on Friday.
With these trends and actions in mind, I decided this would be a good topic for this week’s poll. I’d like to hear from you about this; has your organization fired anyone for using social networking sites? Please look to the right of this page, and you may need to scroll down a little, and click on the poll button that represents your organization, and your feelings, about this topic.
No personally identifiable information (PII) will be collected when you click a poll button. The location of your ISP will be logged to generally show where the poll participants come from. Yes, I’m still trying to get a full world map for this. 🙂
Please click a poll button! 🙂
It will be very interesting to see how sanctions are being applied, and your opinions about this.
I’ll give you my thoughts on my poll results from last week in a separate blog posting.

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