Potty Pics Poo-Poo Privacy

This is a sad example of how others take it upon themselves to invade the privacy of others and don’t understand that they’re doing anything wrong…

Paula Abdul Caught A Fan Photographing Her On A Toilet

“The 45-year-old singer couldn’t believe the nervous fan didn’t think there was anything wrong with invading her personal bathroom space – so she instructed her to never do it again.”

According to a news radio report I heard, the fan apparently said something in defense, like, “It’s no big deal. I’m not going to do anything with it, just post it on my MySpace page.”
We need more training and awareness to let people know that 1) anything you post on the Internet, including on a social networking site, is just about like putting it on a billboard, or the side of a semi-trailer truck, for everyone passing by to see; and 2) privacy should be a choice each individual makes, not something others take from or define for them; people go behind doors for a reason.

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