New Information Security and Cybercrime Initiatives Planned in the EU

As cybercrime continues to occur in more varied ways, as more incidents are reported every day, as new threats emerge, as more vulnerabilities are found within software and systems, often within those products that companies buy to improve security, the more bills, plans, initiatives and laws that emerge worldwide to address these issues.

On May 22 the European Commission (EC) released “The commission communication “towards a general policy on the fight against cyber crime“” that outlines a range of anti-cybercrime activities, including
* Increased crossborder law enforcement and new legislation
* Improved European law enforcement cooperation including reinforcing the structures for operational law enforcement cooperation
* Increased European public-private cooperation starting with a major conference in November 2007 to determine how cooperation can be strengthened
* International cooperation that builds on initiatives such as the Council of Europe treaty against cybercrime and the Group of Eight Roma-Lyon High-Tech Crime Group
* EU legislation in 2008 that would make identity theft a crime throughout the EU
* Training initiatives including how to link the different EU-level and EU-financed training programmes under a common European training umbrella

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