My New E-Journal For March Now Available!

Remember when I mentioned in January that I would be devoting more time in 2008 to writing papers to post to this site instead of spending as much time writing long blog postings?
Well, the papers I wrote in February are now available for you to download, FREE, in the form of what will be a monthly E-Journal!
For this month I wrote about the following issues that I see as immediately significant to businesses of all kinds:

  • Twelve Messaging Risks to Address Now
  • The “Reasonable Belief” of a Privacy Breach
  • What Business Leaders Need to Know About Privacy Breach Notifications

Over the next several days I will post about one of these topics each day and include an excerpt from each of the articles. Then, if you like you can download all three articles within one PDF file. Or, of course, you can download all of them now.
So, why am I doing E-Journals? Well, for a couple of reasons…
Realtime is starting another endeavor in the publications business. Starting this week, we’re releasing the first of our series of E-Journals. This monthly magazine-style journal will be called “IT Compliance in Realtime.”
I also see this as a great opportunity to put my writing into a form that is easier to save, share and reference than how blog postings work. As I look back over the past 2+ years at all I have blogged about, I could fill a huge book with all my writing from within them! Often I want to reference something I’ve blogged about, but then I get irritated with myself when I cannot find that specific posting. Putting the meat of my messages within this journal PDF format will make it much easier to track my articles and the associated research and references.
Next month I’m going to write about audit logs and compliance.
I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! I’d also really like to hear the topics you would like to see me writing about in the coming months; please let me know!

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