Insider Threats Even More Significant During Down Economy

I’ve written a lot about the insider threat, and the many different motivations for insiders to do malicious things (in addition to the other two types of insider threats of mistakes and lack of awareness).
Here are a couple of recently published research reports that shows how this horrible economy is impacting information security and making organizations even more vulnerable to privacy breaches…

* “The Global Recession and its Effect on Work Ethics
An interesting blurb from the report…

“Interestingly, 56% of workers surveyed admitted to being worried about losing their jobs. Alarmingly, in preparation, more than half have already downloaded competitive corporate data and plan to use the information as a negotiating tool to secure their next post: 71% of workers in Holland confessed to having already downloaded data, 58% in the US and just 40% in the UK. When confronted with the prospect of being fired tomorrow and ethics go out the door (so to speak), 71% surveyed declared they would definitely take company data with them to their next employer. Top of the list of desirable information is the customer and contact databases, with plans and proposals, product information, and access / password codes all proving popular choices. HR records and legal documents were the least most favoured data that employees were interested in taking.”

* “Citing a Surge in Online Cybercrime, IBM Bolsters Security Services
An interesting blurb from the report…

“We are currently in a perfect storm of security threats as businesses are cutting costs, insider threats are rising, and cybercriminals are using the ensuing confusion to create opportunities for themselves,”

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