Information Security and Privacy Professionals Must Partner on Over 15…no wait…Over 20 Different Enterprise Issues

Not too long ago I blogged about the need for information security and privacy professionals to work together to address safeguarding sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII). Within it I talked about how a workshop Chris Grillo and I created and give, “Handling Complex and Difficult Privacy and Information Security Issues,” discusses over 15 common issues that these professionals need to partner on.

Over the weekend Chris and I were going through the workshop materials, updating content, adding more tools, etc. and we got into some very interesting discussions about additional common issues. So, after adding more tools, information and examples, we now cover over 20 different enterprise issues that information security and privacy folks must partner on. Our already jam-packed class now has been supersized, with over 13 different tools and take-aways for the attendees.
I’m really looking forward to giving this class again; with the great amount of class interaction not only do the class participants gain valuable insights from their classmates, but I also always learn valuable lessons from their experiences as well.
Please join us if you can! And, be sure to enter the code PRN07 when you register to save $100 off the cost.
We are also happy to give this workshop through other organizations and directly to corporations and other entities that are dealing with these challenges, so if you want more information about how to get this onsite at your company, please send me a note.

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