Improve Information Security and Privacy Now!

Too many businesses have poor information security controls in place (e.g,. demonstrably Sony, Staples, and a seemingly infinite number of other companies) and are basically giving their intellectual property, and the personal information they are responsible for, away.

A recent Sailpoint survey reveals that:

  • 20% of employees openly admit that they have uploaded proprietary corporate data to a SaaS app like Dropbox or Google Docs, with the specific intent of sharing it outside of the company. 
  • 66% of users were able to access those very same cloud storage applications after leaving their last job.

The growing occurrences of security incidents and privacy breaches really points to a need for all organizations to beef up their efforts to protect their information, systems and networks. Let me help you with some holiday discounts!

For a limited time…until January 2…I am putting some of my information security and privacy tools on sale at 25% off to help organizations to beef up their protections. See them:

Any questions? Let me know! 

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