Hear Common, Dumb and Dangerous Privacy Assumptions On The Radio!

Today I will be on MyTechnologyLawyer.com radio show to an hour program talking about the common privacy mistakes and assumptions made by businesses. This will be a more in-depth look at the issues from my post from a couple of weeks ago, “5 Common, Dumb and Dangerous Privacy Assumptions
Here are the details:

“A Live radio show and complimentary webcast, presented by MyTechnologyLawyer.com:
5 Common, Dumb and Dangerous Privacy Assumptions
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Time: 4:00 pm ET/3:00 pm CT / 1:00 am PST
Duration: 60 minutes
Sponsored by Crossroads Systems
Leading industry privacy expert Rebecca Herold joins co-hosts Scott Draughon (MyTechnologyLawyer) and Anyck Turgeon (Crossroads Systems) to discuss today’s latest legal requirements as per how to best ensure the confidentiality of personally identifiable information. Mrs. Herold will provide key insight into what constitutes personally identifiable information, as well as the potential ramifications for organizations not fully complying with the latest requirements.
The audience can Listen Live to this radio show by linking five minutes before the show starts to: www.mytechnologylawyer.com/crossroads.
Or listen to a recording of past shows:
If you have question(s) upon the live show recording, you can call 866-685-7469 or send an email inquiry to radio@mytechnologylawyer.com.”

The show will be recorded, so you can listen to it at any time after the live show.
Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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