Free Awareness from the FTC: Phishing

I ran across this on the FTC site, an email to send to folks that links to an animation to help make them aware of phishing messages; isn’t this cool!? The FTC sight provides this as an awareness raising communication. It’s a little long, and hopefully the folks going to this link will have their sound turned off so it doesn’t shock their desk neighbors, but all in all it is a great, FREE (paid for by U.S. tax dollars), awareness communication to warn about the threats involved with phishing messages.

The email message generated within your own email client, so you can change the wording, says:

“There’s an E-Card for You at!
Some requests for your personal information are “fishy,” so think twice to avoid getting reeled in by an online scammer.
This message is from the Federal Trade Commission. The above link will take you to a page within the FTC’s site (note the “.gov” Web address), or you may type into your browser. The FTC will not collect any personal information from you or the person who sent you this message.
Have a fin-tastic Day!”

Think about the groups you could target within your own organization to send this message to, raising their awareness and helping to keep them from falling for these scams. This would be particularly great for small to medium sized businesses looking for good awareness communications.

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