Free Access, For a Limited Time, to Great Information Security, Privacy and Compliance Information

For a limited time you can get free access to a ton of great EDPACS papers.

What is EDPACS? It is the EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter. A monthly publication with great, objective and independent papers covering a wide range of information assurance issues. It has a long, highly-regarded reputation for providing practical and well-written contributions by industry experts.
The articles are around 12 – 14 pages long with very good advice, insights and case studies.
Until the end of February the publisher is providing free accesss to the articles on the EDPACS Web site with unlimited downloads.
I realize this is in the last half of the month, so there is not much time left to check out the site and get some great information for your files and to use in addressing your information assurance issues.
Those of you with limited to no information security, privacy and compliance budgets, take advantage of these free resources while you can. If you are in a small to medium sized business and have no one responsible solely for information security, privacy or compliance, these will be particularly helpful for you to get to give you insights into the issues involved and help you to understand why organizations of all sizes need to address privacy and security issues.

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