Discount Offered for Workshop That Provides Tools for Helping Privacy and Information Security Officers to Work Most Effectively on Their Common Goals

On May 17 I wrote in this blog about how Information Security and Privacy Professionals MUST Work Together to be Successful and told about the workshop addressing this that Christopher Grillo and I will be teaching June 10 and 11 just before the upcoming CSI NetSec conference in Scottsdale, AZ. 

I’m very happy to learn from CSI today that you can get a discount to attend this workshop.  When registering use the code PRIV06 to get $100 off the workshop price.

We have created a huge amount of reference material for the attendees…according to CSI more than any other workshop they have sponsored…plus tools that took Chris and I literally 100s of hours to create.  If you can make it please join us; the more the merrier!  Plus, the more depth in our sharing of experiences, thoughts and opinions during the workshop.

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