Blog Changes…More Papers, Less Daily Opinions

When I started blogging a couple of years ago (actually in January 2006…just realized I passed my anniversary!), I would not only post daily to my blog, but I would also publish 3 – 4 research papers or white papers to this site each month. Last year I stopped doing that and spent more time providing more analysis and opinions within my daily blog postings.

Well, I’ve had several folks ask me when I’m going to post some more papers to the site. I’m happy to hear from many of you that the papers I’ve posted have been useful in your work.
So, in order to start providing some more papers to this site, while also being able to efficiently manage my time to do my teaching and client work and projects, I’m going to start posting just a quick blog posting each day, similar to the brief one I did earlier this morning, and spend the time I normally took writing longer blog postings to writing 3 – 4 papers to post each month.
If you have any information security, privacy or compliance topics you’d like to see covered in a research paper or white paper, let me know! I want to write about what is most current and will be most helpful to my readers.

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