07/07/07! Lucky for Cybercriminals?

I’ve always been fascinated with numbers. Math has always been fun, and one of my degrees is in math. I’ve never really studied numerology, but today’s date, 07/07/07, only happens once each century, and it is interesting to see how many people are celebrating it in various ways.

Considering it lucky, it is anticipated that there could be more weddings/marriages taking place today than any other day in history.
Gamblers are also gambling on this being their lucky day.
That reminds me, I need to buy a lottery ticket…
It is certainly a lucky day for businesses in the wedding, gambling and travel industries.
And the big 07/07/07 7-continent Live Earth Concert is going on.
Hey, maybe CISOs should create their budget proposals today; with today’s date on the paper it could bring them all the resources they need for their program! 🙂
I’m betting we may see some creative security exploits today, and also some interesting privacy breaches. When people believe they are going to be lucky all day it will be easy for them to take risks they normally would not take, and to do activities that would put themselves or others at risk. I can see people being particularly vulnerable to social engineering scams today.
Hey! This email says today really is lucky…just click here…”
That guy on the street corner just handed me a free USB thumb drive…it *IS* a lucky day!”
Scanning the morning news I don’t see anything reported…yet.
Darn! This would have been a great day to do an experiment, wouldn’t it? Rats…now I have to wait another century for the opportunity…
Do you make your personnel aware of social engineering scams and how to spot them?

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